My family’s health is back on track and I finally found the courage to take charge of my career and I’ve gone back to school!

I had gained weight to the point of discomfort, my husband struggled with acid reflux and my 10 year olds’ weight gain was causing him distress. I had bought some diet books and felt overwhelmed about what to do to next. I even contacted a traditional dietician but that never felt right either.

Deborah helped me understand what kind of nutrition would work for me and my family. And not just nutrition! She taught me the concept of primary food – ‘food’ that nourishes you but doesn’t come on a plate – and this opened my eyes to being okay with knowing it was time for a change in my professional life. Deborah’s executive experience came handy and helped me sift through and find what direction I could take and her coaching helped me access what was right for me.

As a result, my body feels wonderful, my partner’s chronic acid reflux is gone and my ten year old has lost weight and feels better about himself. This journey has just begun. Deborah put the tools in my hands for life long journey that I look forward to. I know that if I get stuck or regress, I can always check in with her!

Susan K, Student


I am 21 pounds thinner and I’m so much happier with myself.

I knew it was time to get a grip on my health when I climbed a set of stairs and could hardly breathe. I had also reached my highest weight and have tried every diet there is. I had stopped exercising and started to feel depressed. It was about that time that I was introduced to Deborah Buell.

What I liked about Deborah’s approach and the first thing she taught me was how “not” to diet. She helped me to set realistic goals and improve my eating habits by introducing me to a variety of healthier foods. I wanted to learn the best way to eat for my individual needs. I wanted to learn about grains, organic foods and what foods I eat should be organic and most importantly, why. Not only did she teach me all of that but so much more.

Deborah taught me how to break my bad habits by educating me about the foods I was eating. She brought me books, CD’s, weekly handouts. Working with her was extremely enjoyable, and I truly felt like she was in this new lifestyle I wanted with me. Not only did she teach me about nutrition, exercise and mind, but she gives you the emotional support you don’t find everywhere.

After meeting with Deborah for the past 8 – 10 weeks, I am 21 pounds thinner, have returned to the gym and have so much more energy. For the first time in many years I don’t feel restricted or hungry. I am so much happier with myself and know that through Deborah’s teachings, I have empowered myself to gain the control to live a happier, healthier and fit life. Deborah is passionate about living the life we should live and works very closely with each and every client. She helped me achieve something I have not been able to achieve on my own and I will continue to take her programs over the years.

Kathy B, Sales Consultant


I reached my goal weight and ran in my first 5K race!

At 32 I had low energy, zero motivation to exercise, depressed moods and a huge appetite. I decided to see a nutrition professional to get my life back on track, lose some weight and gain some energy and zest for life.

Working with Deborah has been amazing. She designed a program to meet my needs and introduced me to a whole new way of eating and living.

During the program I reached my goal weight, increased my energy level, joined a gym that I actually wanted to go to, trained for and ran 5K races and improved my overall health and wellness.

It’s been 8 months since my program ended and I am happy to say that I have continued to be successful in my journey to better health and a happier life. Thank you Deborah for opening my heart and mind to great possibilities!

Kathy G, School Counselor


You helped me help myself as an individual with individual quirks and situations.

You always inspired me to do a little better. As a result of working with you, I look at food in a different way, body feels much cleaner and real. I now have the learning blocks to continue on my journey to become the healthiest I can be and live the best life for me.

Amy C, Veterinary Hospital Manager


I like working with you because you tailor our sessions to meet MY needs, which can be different from your other clients. Originally I thought we would just work on nutrition, but working with you has been so much more. You touch on many aspects of my life to help me balance stress. I have lost some weight, which is great. But more importantly, I have more energy throughout the day.

Cheryl, Engineer


Approaching 50 was a wake up call for me.

I wasn’t feeling good and I knew I needed to stay as fit as possible. Previously I saw a dietician who gave me pamphlets, showed me portion sizes and told me about calories. It was very robotic with little interaction. The difference in attitude and commitment when working with you was amazing. You genuinely care and invest in your clients. The small changes you recommended were not overwhelming. I find that the ideas and suggestions from our conversations just pop into my head now. I am much more aware of the choices I make and expect to add healthy years to my life.

Janet F, Homemaker


I’ve tried so many foods that I never had before – and I like them!

Deborah has a very calm way about her, so I always felt like I could run things by her and ask questions. As a result of working with her, I am much better at incorporating variety in my diet. I am much more conscious of what I am eating and when. Grocery shopping has become more enjoyable. I look for variety, look for healthy alternatives and I have tried so many foods that I never had before, and I like them!

Overall, I feel so much better. I have more energy, clear skin and sleep better. I haven’t gotten sick this winter which will be a first for me.

Jill L, Consultant

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